*Must meet in Louisville*

I have the following available:

Factory Boxed Brass
1,000rds Winchester 62gr .223 – $600
210 rds (7 boxes, 30rds) IMI M855 – $125

Loose Brass Ammo
180 rds Hornady TAP Urban Red Tip 55gr .223 $180
110 rds Lake City 55gr 5.56 $55
350 rds Geco (“T” headstamp) 55gr 5.56 $175
168 rds IMI M855 w/ 8 Okay mags paint marked “M8” $180
1,450 rds IMI M855 (in 100rd bags) $860

Steel ammo (Hornady or Tula/Wolf .223) loaded in mags with 28 or 29rds in each mag 
11 Magpul Gen M2 black
1 Okay gray 
3 Magpul Gen M3 FDE
1 Magpul Gen M3 Black window
$320 ($20 per mag)

Magazines – most have been loaded but never used
13 Daniel Defense 32rd $185
4 Magpul Gen M2 black $40
1 Magpul Gen M3 FDE $10
$225 for all 18 mags

Buy it all for $2,500

Will split in other ways but it needs to be at least $200 – not meeting you halfway to Paducah for a magazine or two. 

Listing current as of 12/23 so no need to ask about availability. Also, I don’t negotiate with myself so don’t bother asking me to give you my best price – it’s the price listed in this ad.  

My prices are way below current market so not looking to haggle. 

FiveOH2 49six O315 text only between 8am – 9pm